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Microcomputer controlled bone screw torsion testing machine

Microcomputer controlled bone screw torsion testing machine
Models: TTM101, TTM201, TTM501, TTM102
Product overview: Bone screw electronic torsion testing machine TTM-201, which is suitable for metal materials, non-metal materials, composite materials and medical equipment bone screws, biomaterial surgical implants, bone joint implants, intramedullary fixators Test and analysis of torsional mechanical properties of metal bone screws and hollow bone screws. Test parameters such as TeH, TeL, Tm, τeH, τeL, τm, τp0.2, and G can be obtained automatically. It can meet the special test requirements of users. It can realize closed-loop control of equal-rate loading, equal-rate torsion angle, equal-rate angle, etc., and can carry out material or product process performance verification test. Equipped with a torsion extensometer, the shear modulus G can be obtained automatically, and the test results can be saved, queried and printed.
Meet and apply standards
This testing machine is manufactured according to GB / T 2611-2007 "General Technical Requirements for Testing Machine", GB / T10128-1998 "Metal Room Torsion Test Method" and JB / T9370-1999 "Technical Conditions for Torsion Testing Machine".
Inspection standard: JJG269-2006 "torsion test machine"
Test method: YY / T0018-2016 "Bone Joint Implant Metal Bone Screw"
YY / T0662-2008 "Mechanical performance requirements and test methods of metal bone screws with asymmetric threads and spherical lower surface metal for surgical implants" ISO 6475: 1989 "Implants for surgery-Metal bone screws with asymmetrical thread and spherical under-surface- Mechanical requirements and test methods》
YY / T0345.1-2011 "Surgical implants metal bone nails"
YY / T0591-2011 "Bone Joint Implant Metal Locking Intramedullary Nail"
YY / T1505-2016 "Surgical implant metal bone screw self-tapping performance test method"
YY / T1506-2016 "Surgical implant metal bone screw rotation torque test method"
This testing machine is verified and accepted according to JJG 269-2006 "Torque Testing Machine Verification Regulations".
Applicable standards: According to GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS, BS and other international standards for testing and providing data.

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