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3SP1000 series electronic servo fatigue testing machine

3SP1000 series electronic servo fatigue testing machine
Equipment overview:
This machine is mainly used to detect the dynamic and static mechanical performance tests of tiny metals, non-metallic materials and parts, elastomers, shock absorbers. Complete tensile, compression, bending, low and high cycle fatigue, crack propagation, and fracture mechanics tests. It can be equipped with high-temperature furnace, low-temperature box, corrosion box and other environmental devices to realize the mechanical testing of samples in different environments.
Performance characteristics:
Closed T-frame structure, large frame rigidity, no backlash, good stability. The moving beam can be lifted, locked, and sample clamped by button operation, which is convenient and flexible. The servo actuator is placed on the top and adopts a two-way action non-contact linear motor design, which is convenient for clamping and stable in lifting.
fulfill the standard:
GB / 3075-2008 "Axial force control method for fatigue testing of metallic materials"
GB / T7314-2005 "Metal material room temperature test method"
JB / T9379-2002 "Technical Conditions for Tension and Compression Fatigue Testing Machine" and other standard requirements
Technical Parameters:
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