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50KN-300KN microcomputer controlled high temperature ceramic tensile electronic universal testing machine

Equipment name: Microcomputer controlled high temperature ceramic tensile electronic universal testing machine
Product number:CMT5504GW、CMT5105GW、CMT5205GW、CMT5305GW
Main functions of equipment:The testing machine is equipped with CMT series temperature-controlled high-temperature test furnace high-temperature test box, etc., according to Q / UHT-2009 "High temperature high and low temperature tensile test standard method" manufacturing standards, and meets GB / ISO / ASTM / IS / DIN / EN / FL / HB and other test standards test various physical and mechanical test performance of materials under different environmental temperatures such as high temperature and low temperature, which can meet the test and measurement needs of a variety of materials. Sansi high-temperature and low-temperature testing machines are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, new materials, polymer materials, adhesives, ceramic building materials, metal materials, universities, scientific research institutions, technical supervision, quality inspection stations and other departments.

Standard test method:
GB / T228.1-2010 "Tensile test of metallic materials Part 1: Room temperature test method"
GB / T 228.2-2015 "Metallic materials tensile test Part 2: High temperature test method"
ASTME21-2009 "High-temperature tensile test method of metal materials"
GB / T7314-2007 "Metal material room temperature compression test method"
GB / T4338-2006 "High-temperature tensile test method of metal materials"
HB7571-1997 "Metal high temperature compression test method"
IS0783-89 "High-temperature tensile test method of metal materials" ASTM, ISO, DIN, FL and other standards for the testing machine requirements
Testing machine manufacturing standard: GB / T 16491-2008 electric universal testing machine
Product Details:
The main unit adopts a single space structure, and the test space is pulled down and pressed, mainly composed of a base and a rack. The base is made of cast iron, and the frame is a portal structure, which is mainly composed of the bottom plate, upper, middle and lower beams and connecting light bars. The test machine has good coaxiality (<8%). 60k (600MPa), the yield strength is also 40k (400Mpa); high-strength light bar is used to fix the upper beam and the work surface to make it a high-rigid structural frame. steel. Due to the nodular graphite microstructure of nodular cast iron, nodular cast iron is superior to cast steel in weakening the vibration ability, so it is more conducive to reducing the application. Low, energy saving and environmental protection.
This series of models has a variety of optional model structures, such as the following space models, up and down dual space models, up and down dual space models, etc., can be equipped with environmental boxes, high temperature furnaces for environmental testing, equipment Stable long-term operation under 1200 ℃, 1400 ℃, 1500 ℃, excellent vacuum sealing performance; stable argon filling process; with overload protection, limit protection, over current, over pressure, under pressure, over temperature protection and other protection functions; with Under water pressure, over temperature, over pressure, under pressure and other interlocking protection functions;

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