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The importance of the test machine in the future economic development


As a leading domestic manufacturer of high-performance mechanical testing equipment, Sansi Eternal Technology is committed to testing equipment, independent research and development and production in many fields such as machinery manufacturing, metallurgy and mining, energy, transportation, aerospace, colleges and universities.

On the afternoon of August 29, Chen Wencong, Secretary of Quanzhou Economic Development Zone in Fujian Province, Wu Zhiling, Deputy Director of Quanzhou Economic Development Zone, and Huang Shikun, Secretary of Quanzhou Economic Development Zone, inspected the testing machine equipment. And expressed high recognition.
On the basis of stabilizing and optimizing existing products, the company should further increase R & D investment, accelerate the cultivation and reserve of high-level technical talents, transform into an innovative company, and lead the development of the company through innovation and technological advantages, and gain market advantages . The company should speed up the progress of established R & D projects, further strengthen the responsibility system of the project team, adopt special incentive policies for R & D projects to promote new technologies and new products to be produced as soon as possible, mature as soon as possible, and realize industrialization so that innovative technicians can enjoy new technologies in the medium and long term 1. The benefits brought by new products, creating a national testing machine brand.
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