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Care for employees Warm Spring Festival The company provides benefits for employees


Laughter resigns from the old age and welcomes the prosperous financial year. On the occasion of the Spring Festival 2019 is coming, in order to express the love for each employee, thank all the employees for their hard work for the company ’s development over the past year, on January 7, under the organization of the company, the human resources center will draw special personnel One after another, Spring Festival benefits were distributed to all employees.
The benefits for the Spring Festival this year are that Mr. Xiong carefully prepared the sugar candy oranges produced by Qianyang and the special products attached to Hubei for our employees and customers who support our company. Love and New Year blessings, heavy welfare products are held in the palm of your hand and warm in your heart, which further strengthens the confidence and determination of everyone to stand on their posts in the new year and create better performance. Everyone said that in the new year, the care given by the company will be turned into work motivation, and make more contributions to the company's development with practical actions, and make new contributions!
Thanks again to our customers for their support to Sansi Yongheng Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.In the new year, we will serve every customer with all our heart, and hope that the company will continue to flourish!
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